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Being the Change

Mihir Nayar '19

Mihir Nayar '19 witnessed the effects of poor nutrition on learning. His recent win at a pitch competition will help him do something about it.

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Speaking Volumes

Pearl Young '18

Pearl Young '18 is an artist, an academic, a leader, and a role model.  Her commitment to the community makes Taft a better place. 

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Be the Change

Aditya Balsekar '18

Founder, Meaningful Summers


Aditya Balsekar combined his passion for service with his talent as a leader to change his community for the better.

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Global Journeys: Havana Nights

Caleb Hannon '18


Caleb's efforts to immerse himself in other cultures have him on track to earn a Global Studies and Service diploma from Taft in June.

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Botany Meets Technology

Ally Anderson '18

Ally Anderson '18 worked with scientists from the New York Botanical Garden to develop an algorithm for an electronic plant identification program.

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Rigor with Heart

Khalid Tellis


One day, Khalid Tellis may write a book he'll call Joy and Humor in the Classroom. For now, that's exactly what he brings to Taft.

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Taking the Lead

Peter Horne '18
Head Mon


Peter came to Taft to hone his leadership skills, and found even greater opportunity than he imagined.

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Sarah Surber

Sarah Surber teaches students to express thoughts and emotions though movement.

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Taking on the World

Ben Laufer '18


Ben Laufer has spent the last year working to change the world. He's done so with a global audience.

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A Sense of Belonging

Lindsay Leal

Mathematics, Mid Class Dean


Lindsay Leal's time as a boarding school student help shaped her approach to being a boarding school teacher.

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Giving Voice to Passion

Kaedi Dalley '18
Singer, Actor, Leader

Kaedi Dalley's talent, passion, and leadership inspire respect and awe, while galvanizing our community.

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A Place to Grow and Thrive

Emma Bellet '18 
Student Leader

Emma Bellet believes that Taft is a place to grow and thrive; a place where you will exceed even your own expectations.

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From Discovery to Cure

Sydney Trevenen '17
Research Scientist


Listen to Sydney Trevenen talk about her summer internship with the Yale University Discovery to Cure program.

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For a Greener Taft

Carly Borken

Director of Environmental Stewardship


Carly Borken is an environmentalist, a woman of vision, a change agent.

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The Commish

Ozzie Parente
Boys' Head Soccer Coach
Upper Mid Class Dean

Ozzie Parente's strength as a coach and a teacher? He loves what he does.

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Alumna, Faculty, Role Model

Idara Foster '11
Penn Fellow in English

Idara Foster '11 left an indelible mark on the Taft community as a student. Her impact is no less meaningful now that she is member of the faculty.

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Living the Taft Motto

AJ Barre '17
Global Steward


AJ Barre brings his passions for service and soccer together to raising funds and awareness for global causes.

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Making Pictures

Yee-Fun Yin

Photography Teacher


Yee-Fun Yin wants his students to make pictures, not take pictures; to create art that is deliberate and personal.

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Common Threads

Eliza Denious '17
Head Mon


Eliza Denious is a head mon, a team captain, and a student who quickly recognized the ties that bind all Tafties together.

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Explore Our Academics


The humanities offer not only an understanding of history and culture, but of our place in each. They give us language and literature to explore our past, and, quite literally, write our futures.


The world around is increasingly driven by science and technology. Taft's STEM cirriculum embraces these dynamic and consequential fields, preparing students to compete and to lead.


Art is the most elemental form of expression. It challenges the mind, nurtures the soul, and spurs innovation. Mr. Taft understood the vital role art plays in shaping the spirit and intellect of his students.

Innovations in Learning

Experiential and applied learning opportunites at Taft transform theory into practice, knowledge into understanding, and passion into action.

Global Studies and Service

Taft offers a unique diploma program that combines rigorous course work with service at home and abroad. It reflects Taft's commitment to preparing students to become global citizens.

Living Our Motto

Our Mission

In 1890, Mr. Taft founded our school with a broad but singular mission: to educate the whole student. At its core, our mission means that education at Taft is personal, moral, and ethical, as well as academic. It means that we value high scholarship and intellectual endeavor along with a belief that character, above all else, determines success in life.

While the world and the school have changed dramatically over the past 125 years, Mr. Taft’s fundamental values endure: work hard, without regard for public acclaim; develop all your talents—academic, artistic, and athletic; and most importantly, give of yourself to others. Our culture is inseparable from both our mission and our motto: non ut sibi ministretur sed ut ministret—not to be served, but to serve. Our community is fundamentally shaped by this dedication to helping young people become lifelong learners, thoughtful world citizens, and caring people.

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Taft At A Glance

226 acre campus that rivals most colleges

129 faculty members

5 to 1 student to faculty ratio

20% international students

11 average class size

32 ap courses