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Taft's alumni community is active, accomplished, diverse, and vibrant. Whether you are a new graduate or a member of the Old Guard, we want you to feel connected--to each other and to the school. Visiting the alumni community is a way to do that.

Reunions & Alumni Weekend

Alumni Weekend is a grand celebration. It is a time to reflect, reconnect, reminisce, and revel in the enduring ties that bind all Tafties together. The May weekend has something for everyone, with added events for those classes marking a milestone reunion. Keep up to date on plans for the next Alumni Weekend here.

Taft Bulletin

Our award-winning alumni magazine is a great way to keep up with the lives and passions of your fellow alumni. It is filled with fascinating stories, excellent writing , and extraordinary photos from around the world. Access the most current issue of the Bulletin, look back at archived editions, and even submit your own news, notes, and letters to the editor here.

Horace Dutton Taft Alumni Medal

In drafting the Taft School motto, Mr. Taft sought not only to articulate a guiding principle for school life, but for life beyond Taft's bounds. Each year, one member of the alumni community is recognized for their dedication to a life of service. The Horace Dutton Taft Alumni Medal is the school's highest alumni honor, and is given to a person whose life work best typifies the school motto: Not to be ministered unto but to minister.


In 1912 Horace Dutton Taft incorporated the Taft School, giving one-sixth ownership to school master Harley Fish Roberts. Fifteen years later Taft and Roberts turned the school over to a board of trustees, making it a non-profit institution. Today, the school's affairs are still guided and governed by a board of trustees.

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