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Thanks to the generosity of alumni, parents, and friends, the following endowed funds support the arts at Taft:

Erdman Family Endowment for Dance was established in 2016 by Jacqueline and Christina R. Erdman along with their daughter Makenzie '14 to provide annual support for the Dance Curriculum at Taft.

James G. Franciscus Theater Fund was established in memory of James G. Franciscus of the Class of 1953 by his family and friends and supports annual productions at Taft.

Guernsey Family Endowment for Theater Arts was established in 2015 by Peter & Evelyn Guernsey and their daughter, Sarah '11, to support the theatre and the arts program at Taft.

Andrew R. Heminway '47 Memorial Art Fund supports annual art exhibits at Taft.

Fritz C. Hyde Jr. Memorial Theater Fund was established in memory of Fritz C. Hyde, Jr. of the Class of 1929 by his family and friends and supports annual productions at Taft.

Timothy S. Mayer Memorial Fund for Theater Arts, established in 1994 through the estate of Timothy S. Mayer, Class of 1962, supports the theater program at Taft.

Oppenheim Visiting Writers Fund, established in 2004 through the generosity of William and Paula Oppenheim, supports a program of visiting creative writers and poets to enrich the Taft experience.

Mathew B. Preston Memorial Fund, established in 1971 by a legacy from Mathew B. Preston, Class of 1969 (1951-1971), and augmented by gifts from his family and friends, supports a program of visiting writers, poets, artists, and other cultural activities that enrich the life of the School. Artists are selected to give public readings or performances, visit classes, and work with individual students.

Rockwell Visiting Artists Fund, established in 1997 by Sherburne B. Rockwell Jr., Class of 1941, and H. P. Davis Rockwell, Class of 1944, supports a program of visiting artists to speak with students and faculty, work with art classes, and exhibit their work in the Taft Art Gallery. Professional artists involved in painting, drawing, photography, pottery, sculpture, fabric design, printmaking and other visual arts are included in the program.

Juliet Lea Hillman Simonds Fund for the Arts was established in 1995 as a permanent endowment fund with the income it generates used to support teaching salaries and expenses related to the Arts Department.

The Frederick Adams Stebbins '28 Music Fund, established in 2011 by Lois E. Stebbins, supports the activities of Collegium Musicum.

James Holiday Webb Theater Fund was established in memory of Jamie Webb of the Class of 1992 by his family and friends and supports annual productions at Taft.

John G. Farrell Memorial Fund for Performing Arts.

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