Faculty member Scott Serafine works with a student


Taft's video program starts in our hi-tech video lab, and reaches across the globe. The lab has 10 Mac workstations equipped with a variety of cutting edge editing and special effects software for teaching the art of filmmaking. Students have access to professional quality HD and 4K video cameras and support equipment, including lights, tripods, stabilizers, and microphones.

The program begins with an introduction to fundamental filmmaking tools, and film basics: composition, shot types, camera angles and scripting. Beginning students complete a series of "shoot-to-edit" projects, which become their building blocks for video storytelling. As students advance throuh the program, they will work more on scriptwriting and storyboarding, advanced audio recording, and lighting techniques, and will take on projects documenting the life of the school.

Student filmmakers have worked on major motion pictures with well-known directors, and have competed in prestigious film competitions. They shoot on location throughout the US and abroad, including Norway, regions north of the Arctic Circle, in the Highlands of Scotland, England, and the British Virgin Islands. Taft students have been nominated for Regional Emmy Awards, and student films have been broadcast on PBS.

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