Mary Frey, Rockwell Visiting Artist, in a critique with Photography students.
Beginning photography includes the lensless techniques of photogram and pinhole photography, principles of film exposure and development, and fundamental darkroom printing procedures. Assignments will establish a foundation of seeing with the 35mm camera. Student work will be reviewed and discussed regularly. Slide lectures, books, critiques, and other sources will introduce students to photography history and photo-based artists. Evaluation is based on technical skills, quality and completion of assignments, and participation in class discussion. Open to all students, but limited to 10 per class section.

Building on those technical skills, Photography II emphasizes aesthetics and student will begin to develop personal visions. Student will continue to work in film based wet process in the first half of the semester but will transition to the digital process in the second half. Digital workflow will include scanning, color correction, layers, making selections, masks, and final output to printers. Student photographic work will be reviewed and discussed regularly. Specialized topics may include night photography, the use of flash, digital scanning, and monochrome printing techniques.

Advanced Photography is designed for the student who intends to continue photography seriously in college and beyond. Readings in art history will be required and each student will select an artist to study and to report on. Student photographic work will be thematic and presented for group critique on a weekly basis. Each student will learn to prepare work for exhibition and learn to write an artist statement about his/her work. Student will participate in regional photography exhibitions. Culminating assessment will be based on the strength and quality of the final portfolio. Students may build the body of work using either or both film and digital process, black-and-white or color.

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