Program Overview

Mr. Taft understood the vital role of the arts in shaping the spirit and intellect of his students. The Arts are an important part of the Taft community, and Arts courses are central to the school's objective of educating the whole person. Taft graduates develop the skills and the discipline to be intuitive, imaginative creators and observers in all areas of their lives. The teachers of the arts are also practicing artists: they inspire and challenge our young people. Concerts, plays, performances, and exhibits fill the school calendar and celebrate artistic accomplishments. Introductory arts courses are required, and many students go beyond the basic requirements. Some students are involved in many facets of the arts, while others specialize as artists, musicians, or actors. Advanced Placement courses are offered in Art History, Music Theory and Studio Art.

The Independent Study Program allows Upper Mid and Senior students to explore a discipline in an independent setting, and artistic expression is often the goal of these scholars. Each Independent Study participant is guided by an advisor, and a presentation of the year's pursuit is made in an exhibition, performance, or Morning Meeting. Poets, playwrights, sculptors, painters, fashion designers and artisans demonstrate skill and subtlety of expression every year for ISP pursuits.

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