Tennis - Girls' Varsity
Choate Rosemary Hall
Win 7-2
The Rhinos took on Founder's League rival Choate today at home on a sunny but very hot day! With temperatures cresting 90 degrees, all the ladies on both teams had to keep a good focus on how they were feeling as no one was ready for this temperature change! We found plenty of uses for our ice today! The doubles all saw close matches as did the top of the singles ladder. Taft emerged the victor with a score of 7-2.

All three doubles matches were tight with Choate taking the #1 spot and Taft taking the #'s 2 & 3 spots.
#1 Syd & Nico lost to Heyler & Mandell 5-8.
#2 Kate & Lily defeated Craig & Quinn 8-4
#3 Kira & Regan defeated Horn & Proudman 9-7

The singles matches had tight matches at the #1 & #2 spots. At #1, Kate Zhang recovered from being down 5-6 to finish the match at 8-6 against Brown who had the advantage of having not played doubles first. A nice show of mental and physical endurance from Kate! #2, Lily Turner battled against Mandell in a back and forth marathon. Down 5-6, Lily brought the score to 7-7 before her opponent was able to take the next two games.
#1 Kate Zhang def Brown 8-6
#2 Lily Turner lost to Mandell 7-9

The lower part of the ladder shifted up to account for an illness and Choate also made adjustments due to the heat. Macy, Regan, Kira and Minna all worked to keep their opponents moving and to find moments to pressure the point. They all came away with hard fought victories.
#3 Macy Toppan def Quinn 8-3
#4 Regan Brewer def Heyler 8-3
#5 Kira Siebrecht def Ermoshkina 8-2
#6 Minna Holleck def Craig 8-4

The ladies should be proud of their efforts today in the intense heat! The Rhinos will have two more practice days before heading to Deerfield on Saturday to compete against Hotchkiss in the first round of the Class A New Englands.