Tennis - Girls' JV
Choate Rosemary Hall
Win 7-0
GJV Tennis Beat Choate

Taft 7
Choate 0

The GJV tennis team was excited to be on our home courts for the first time in nearly three weeks. It was extremely hot (90) and sunny but all players stayed hydrated and managed the heat well. This match was much closer than the score indicates. Great job to both teams.

#1 Tatum Shane W 8-2
#2 Julia Ordway W 8-4
#3 Amanda Stuart W 8-3
#4 Amelia Allen W 8-3

#1 Addie Delafield and Emily Hardy W 8-4
#2 Anna Csigirinszkij and Sophie Savage W 8-4
#3 Annabelle Pulver and Emma Stone W 8-2

Taft's record 9-0-1

Next match is away at Westminster on Saturday.