Basketball - Girls' JV
Deerfield Academy
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Loss 28-29
Hoping to build upon the successful game against Choate, our players made some several goals before play began. The goal of minimizing fouls and playing more disciplined defense proved the most noticeable. We kept our offensively capable opponent to less than 30 points and we ourselves never got into any foul trouble. While Deerfield remained in the lead for most of the game, Taft's players fought relentlessly to the end and even reduced a 5 point deficit to 1 in the final minute. Unfortunately, we were unable to have one more good offensive possession and Deerfield held on for the win. It was an exciting game for both teams! Player Highlights include Maile Kuyper with 10 points, Ellie Ketchum with 8, and Emily Gribbin with 6