Calendar Instructions


Please note that the Taft Calendar is divided into several different sections. By using Google calendar, you can choose which topics you wish to display. For instance, you can choose to view only Arts, or turn off just Student Activities.

Visit the Google Calendar Overview page for more options, including how to subscribe:


Using Your Google Account to Subscribe

Clicking on the Google Calendar button of the calendar (shown below) will prompt you to add that calendar to your Google Calendar as a subscription. If you do not already have a Google account you will be given the option of creating one.

Google Calendar button

After you have logged into your Google account, the following message box will appear. You can choose to add only the calendars you are interested in, as well as add all of Taft's calendars.

Google Calendar subscription message box

Adding Individual Events to Your Google Calendar

You also have the option of adding Taft events to your Google Calendar on an individual basis.

When you click on an event in the calendar, a popup will appear displaying a summary of the event:

Calendar event detail

By clicking on the "copy to my calendar" text, you will be prompted to login and add the event to your Google Calendar.

If you click on the "more details" link, you will be able to see the full details of the event, and still have the option of adding it to your calendar.

Calendar event detail

Show or Hide Calendars

On the far upper right corner of the calendar, click the blue box with the upside down arrow (next to the Agenda tab):

Calendar list icon

Simply uncheck the calendars you want to hide from view. In the example below all calendars except for the Library one will be shown.

Calendar list


iCal and Other Calendar Programs

You can also click on the links below, or copy and paste them into any calendar that supports the iCal format (such as iCal, Windows Calendar, or Outlook 2007). We recommend Spanning Sync for iPhone and iTouch users.

All School:

Arts/Gallery/Walker Hall:

Alumni Events:

Dining Hall:

Taft Faculty Meetings/Duty/Deadlines



School Meetings and Visiting Speakers:

Student Social Events/Lights:

Taft Sports Schedule

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