Do Ba qualifies for the National Math Competition known as the Olympiad

Khoa Do Ba '07 has qualified for the national Math Olympiad. To qualify he had to do very well on two earlier rounds of testing in February. About 400,000 students took the AMC-12, and 12,000 did well enough to be invited to take the second round, which is the American Invitational Mathematics Exam (AIME). Based on their performance on both of those earlier exams, 255 students (grades 9 thru 12) were invited to take the U.S. Math Olympiad. This exam is used to select the 8 students who will represent the United States at the International Math Olympiad (IMO) in Mexico later this summer.

Khoa would not be able to represent the U.S. because he is neither a US citizen nor a permanent resident. Math teacher and statisticion Ted Heavenrich estimates that only one high school student out of every 60,000 in the U.S. gets to take the national Math Olympiad.

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