Top Chef

Jerry Reveron competes in national Aramark competition in Tampa


Taft's Food Service Director Jerry Reveron travels to Tampa, Florida, this weekend to compete in the finals of the 2011 Aramark Culinary Excellence competition.


Reveron was one of three top finalists from a regional event held earlier this year. More than 150 Aramark chefs from colleges, universities and conference centers across North America competed in 10 regions to make their way to the National Competition in Tampa on July 9 and 10. 


The thirty finalists will compete for a chance to win the prestigious “Copper Pot” and a medal from the American Culinary Federation (ACF), the largest professional chefs association in North America.  The finalists, divided into 10 three-member teams, will be given 30 minutes for menu creation, and three hours to fully execute an appetizer, entrée and dessert that included items from a mystery basket.

A team of five Certified Master Chefs will judge the competition based on cooking skill, flavor, plate presentation, use of all ingredients and food safety practices.

The Aramark Culinary Excellence Program, which began in 2003, recognizes and rewards outstanding chefs throughout Aramark-managed accounts and provides them with the opportunity to share their culinary expertise in a competitive environment.

In addition to showcasing their talents and creativity, the chefs can earn continuing education or recertification credits from the American Culinary Federation.


Watch the competition live.

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