French Fair 2013

Taft students prepare tasty French food



When many Americans think of French cuisine the thought of expensive restaurants and French fries may come to mind. French cuisine is different from what most Americas are used to. It boasts its own rich history that has changed and evolved over time. Taft French 4 students held their annual French Fair Friday March 1. The fair features French students creating traditional French dishes using techniques and recipes they have learned to showcase the regions that they study.


The event provides a chance for French 4 students to present what they have learned in an unique and enjoyable way for younger French students to interact, ask questions and learn about French culture.  The foods are based on different regions of French influenced areas. Students learn different aspects of the regions, including history, culture, geography, politics and in how the different countries interacted with France. The kinds of food on display were varied and featured items such as:  Café De, Crepes, Poutine, King Cake, and Belgian waffles.


Knowledge of French cooking has contributed to Western foods and still widely in Western cooking today. French cuisine has a deep history. It has changed over time due to local and foreign influences.  And like many cuisines, it owes some of it’s development to inventive chefs. We can be assured that French cuisine will continue to grow and change and that people from all over the world will continue to love the results.

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