Olivia Paige '15

Alumni Games


“What a great thrill it was to see so many alumni back to skate!” said headmaster Willy MacMullen ’78, who proudly wore a red jersey on the ice.


“There is something special about an annual gathering that successfully does so many things: it brings people back to a school they love; it offers a chance to play a game we all love; it fosters networks and friendships across the miles and years; it is a lot of plain old fun; and it honors a great Taftie, Scott Richardson ’82, who never missed the game.”


Alumni playing for the first time have their name added to the Scotty Cup. Those attending (pictured above from front left), John Long ’88, Dan Oneglia ’95, Paul Stancs ’79, Willy MacMullen ’78, Wilkie Bushby ’76, Courtney Wemyss ’78, Chris Watson ’91, Edward Travers ’86, Tim Cooney, (back row) Chris Snow ’97, John Dawson (faculty), TJ Oneglia ’93, Tanner Fogarty ’03, Andrew Margolin ’07, Greg Seitz ’86, Tucker Cavanaugh ’86, Andrew Balysky ’08, Brendan Reich ’07, Brad Roche ’07, Alex Kremer ’06, Gus Thompson ’07, Sean Carty ’06, Will Orben ’92, Danny Murphy (faculty), Corey Griffin ’06, and Jerome Wallace ’06. Bobby Torney ’07 also played and Scotty B and Jim Shiavo helped out in goal.


A smaller but equally committed group of alumni showed up for Alumni Basketball game:  from left, Pat McCormack ’92, Tommy Piacenza '06, Rob Madden '03, Jon Willson '82, Tyler Whitley '04, Mike McCabe ’07, Dave Halas '05, Jared Jackson '10, Matt McLaughlin '10, young McCormack, Dave Hinman '87, Chris Baudinet '05, John Wawer '11, Bob Manfreda '09, Ben Post '12, Nick Manfreda '11, Eddie Mompoint (staff) and Winnie Adrien (faculty)



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