Meet Dani

Where are you from?

I am from Hong Kong.

How did you first hear about Taft?

I first heard about Taft when my brother applied in 2016.

What made you choose Taft?

The school spirit and the sense of community at Taft stood out to me; I felt an immediate connection here.

What is it like to be an international student at Taft? 

I had attended the same school in Hong Kong since the age of four, so the first few weeks at Taft were required a lot of adjust for me—it was a completely new environment with completely new people for the first time in my life. But I met people and made new friends from countries and cultures across the globe, from Ghana to the UK and Connecticut. I soon realized that Taft is a new experience for everyone, and I was not the only one who adjusting to a new environment.  

What activities do you participate in on campus?

I participate in the Asian Affinity Group, the all-female acapella group, Hydrox, and I am also a part of the dance community. I have also played volleyball and squash so far. 

What has been your favorite class so far, and why?

My favorite class so far has been English, because we have been reading really interesting books that represent a broad range of genres and topics. The students in my class always engage in deep, long discussions about as we consider each character’s actions and decisions throughout the book.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

My favorite spot on campus is probably the volleyball gym. So far, the fall season of volleyball has been the most exciting for me, with so many new memories made and so many unforgettable games played with my teammates.

What has been your most memorable Taft moment so far?

My favorite memory at Taft so far has been Red Rally—the schoolwide celebration the night before Hotchkiss Day. The whole school comes together and dresses in red and we all dance and sing and watch funny skits. That was one of the first times I felt like I really understood the depth and importance of school spirit, and why it is so special here.

What do you love most about Taft?

What I love most about Taft is how everyone is always so kind to each other. We all show respect to each other, from teachers to students, to the dining chefs, to Sandy and Marty at the Jig, and to the housekeepers in our dorms.  

What does it mean to be a Rhino?

To me, being a Rhino not only means to be a part of a community, but also always continuing to build and strengthen that community by being kind and inclusive toward everyone.