Meet Justin

Where are you from?

I am from The Bronx, New York

What activities do you participate in at Taft?

At Taft, I am a school monitor, a dormitory monitor on HDT 3, and a Global Leadership Scholar. Additionally, I am co-head of SHADES, the Black and Latino male affinity group. I also participate in community service, and I run track and field in the spring.

What have been your favorite classes at Taft?

Throughout my years of Taft, I've enjoyed a lot of classes in both the humanities and STEM sectors. I have really enjoyed taking biology with Mr. McAloon and Mrs. Guidotti, psychology with Mrs. Padgett, and Spanish with Mrs. Frew.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

My favorite spot on campus is definitely the top of the hill next to the Athletic Center. Whether it is all the colorful lights gleaming through the windows during the night or the sun rising on the horizon, campus always looks beautiful from this spot.

What is your most memorable Taft moment?

My most memorable moment at Taft was watching the theater department present Chicago my sophomore year. The sheer talent by not only the actors, but everyone on stage and off stage who participated in producing the play was outstanding; by far one of the best plays I have seen.

What does it mean to be a Rhino?

Being a Rhino means striving for greatness. Whether it may be in academics or athletics or arts, we all have something that we strive for to better ourselves. Tafties yearn to learn more, think more, and do more. In the words of the famous [Director of Teaching and Learning] Jon Willson, we work smarter and persevere through setbacks.