Meet Liz

Where are you from?

I’m from Bedford, New York. 

What activities do you participate in at Taft?

I am co-editor in chief of The Papyrus, the school newspaper.  I am also a member of the improv group, crew team, and the JV hockey team. Additionally, I serve as a dorm monitor in USGD, an upper school girls’ dorm. 

What have been your favorite classes at Taft?

Throughout my three years, Latin has definitely been my favorite class at Taft. Last year I had Mr. Reichelt, and this year I have Mrs. Parente in AP. With their enthusiasm for the subject and ability to make it fun, it is really these two teachers who have made me love the language and want to pursue it in college. 

What is your favorite spot on campus?

Maybe it’s a cliché answer, but I love Jig patio, especially in the spring. “Jig Pat” is where the real Taft magic happens, whether it’s through Spikeball, cookouts, or just talking with friends. 

What is your most memorable Taft moment?

It’s hard to choose just one, but I think my most memorable Taft moment was in the spring of my junior year, during crew season. We were at the NEIRA regatta weekend in Worcester, MA, and our boat had just won our last race of the season. It was a really emotional moment, as our boat had two graduating seniors. We got off the water exhausted but laughing and crying and feeling this sense of immense pride and accomplishment for ourselves and our team. 

Why Taft? 

You’ll never find another place like Taft. We harbor this community of the most spirited and supportive students who love what they do. The best part about Taft is the fact that you can be the quarterback of the football team, while also being a member of Oriocos, the male a cappella group. Unlike other places, at Taft, it’s cool to be involved in a variety of activities. Whether it’s academics, athletics, or the arts, Rhinos support each other in all of their endeavors.