Meet Peter

Where are you from?

I am from Wilton, Connecticut. 

What activities do you participate in at Taft?

I play three varsity sports, which have been a core part of my experience at Taft since freshman year. Regarding my outreach outside of sports, I am a dorm monitor in CPT 3, I work with the other school monitors in creating and supporting a happy and healthy community, I participated in the Global Leadership and Service Collaborative, and I am an I-Block student teacher. 

What have been your favorite classes at Taft?

Mrs. Chandler’s AP Psychology class and Mr. Hincker’s AP English Language and Composition class have been my two favorites at Taft. In different ways, both of these classes challenged me to grow and learn as a student and classmate. Whether it was Mrs. Chandler’s quirky jokes or Mr. Hincker’s detailed orations, both teachers fostered an amazing learning experience and inspired the best from their students. 

What is your favorite spot on campus?

My favorite spot on campus is the walkway up to the Athletic Center. This three-minute walk always provides an opportunity to meet someone new, build off a previous relationship, or simply have a quiet moment to reflect on your day. 

What is your most memorable Taft moment?

My most memorable Taft moment was the band and barbecue from my sophomore year. It was one of the last days of the school year and we were fortunate enough to have a night in which we had great food and a band perform after. Everyone was dancing, laughing, and having an absolute blast.                                                                         

Why Taft?  

I guess that is the magic question. I don’t think there is just one answer. Of course, it is the people, the learning experience, and the sense of community. But it is more than that. When you have been at Taft for long enough, you begin to get this feeling. This feeling is not uniform. It is unique for each and every person. For me, it is a feeling of love and belonging. For others, it is something completely different. Regardless of who you are or where you are from, Taft is able to cater and connect to you, and ultimately become your home.