Perpetual Becoming

As Siddhartha and the ferryman sit and listen to the river, author Herman Hesse notes that it isn’t just water they hear, but “the voice of perpetual Becoming.”  In many ways, Eva Baurmeister’s time at Taft has been just that: a time of personal growth, self-discovery, and perpetual becoming. She continues to grow, she says, as a student, an athlete, an artist, and a leader.

“European History was the first AP class I took here,” says Eva. “I believe it really shaped my academic experience and changed me as a student. The work was very demanding; it challenged me to look at my approach to learning and to studying, and to bring more planning and focus to all of my academics.”

Eva not only rose to the challenges of the class, but found that she truly loved the process and its intrinsic rewards.

“I started noticing things I had not been aware of before—connections across my classes, historical references in literature, and movies and music,” Eva explains. “It was exciting to make those connections, and understand the origins and influences of so many things. The class taught me how to work hard, and the many incredible benefits of working hard. I think it was the first time that I really and deeply just enjoyed learning.”

Now an upper mid, Eva’s schedule includes four very demanding AP classes. She successfully balances her coursework with her commitments to the varsity lacrosse and varsity field hockey teams. She is a tour guide, a dorm monitor, a member of the upper mid class committee, and a photographer for the Humans of Taft Facebook page. Still, Eva finds time to try new things: despite never having sung before, Eva is part of Taft’s Gospel Choir.

“I love Gospel Choir—it is my favorite part of the day,” says Eva. “I’m really not good at singing and have never been part of a singing group before, but when I saw them perform it made me want to join. We all just have so much fun in it.”

Eva and a group of friends have also started a new club at Taft.

“The club is called EMpower. It is part of a global organization that supports women and children in emerging market countries. We have been doing fundraising activities on campus to support their work.”

Trying new things, learning new skills—perpetually becoming—is easy, Eva says, in a place like Taft.

“As a community, we are all excited for each other and support each other. Everyone wants you to succeed—to do well in multiple ways and multiple areas,” Eva says. “When I first came here I felt that so many people were so eager to share their Taft stories with me because they wanted me to love Taft just as much as they did. I have now come full circle: I am the upperclassman eager to do all that I can to help lower classmen have the same amazing experience that I am having.”