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The English program at Taft has, at its core, a continuously evolving and progressive curriculum that guides students toward the discovery and mastery of both the English language and the literature it celebrates. Our program graduates lifelong learners who read carefully, critically and analytically; think independently; write persuasively; and participate meaningfully in class discussion and thoughtful dialogue. We cultivate habits of mind and critical engagement with issues that will enrich and deepen the quality of our students’ lives.

English study is a required in every term at Taft; all courses include discussion and oral presentations, encouraging students to develop the ability to express themselves clearly both verbally and in writing.The sequence of courses fosters an increasingly sophisticated and mature command of language and literature; class dialogue allows students to craft critical questions that engage ethical, cultural, and aesthetic issues, with increasing autonomy as they advance through the curriculum. At all levels, a small number of highly qualified students are selected for the honors program, in which the reading and writing assignments are significantly more demanding. Senior electives allow students opportunities to approach sophisticated topics with increasingly specialized focus.

Meet the English Department Faculty

Portrait of an English Graduate

Graduates of the Taft English Program

  • can think logically and critically.
  • are intellectually curious, confident, disciplined and creative.
  • can communicate clearly and purposefully in writing and in speech.
  • understand and approach writing as a deliberate process.
  • can read challenging literature perceptively and critically.
  • have read a variety of great literature, including all genres and ranging from classic to contemporary.
  • can work both collaboratively and independently.