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The mathematics curriculum at Taft prepares graduates to perform raw, logical, structured thinking. Through the study of algebra, geometry, precalculus, and calculus, students develop critical thinking skills and are able to apply the skills they have mastered to solve problems. The graduation requirement is to complete a mathematics sequence through Algebra II, although virtually every student continues on to higher levels of math. Students are encouraged to branch into other areas such as statistics and computer science. All honors courses require permission of the department.


A Math Portrait of the Taft Graduate (2018)

Meet the Mathematics Faculty


Taft students build robots, compete in international mathematics competitions, and create 3-D worlds using the latest technology.

Inquiry at the Highest Level: Honors Seminar in Economic Research

Honors Seminar in Economic Research is an advanced-level research class designed to help students further develop their research skills through deep dives and thoughtful exploration into current and global economic issues. The students marry applied critical thinking skills with the foundational understanding of economic theory—economic indicators, development, government policy, market structures, labor markets, game theory, externalities—gleaned through their prior economics and mathematics courses. 

Team Taft Earn National Honors in Economics Competition

Four Taft students earned national recognition for their work in the prestigious National Economics Challenge

Spotlight On: Dr. Mostafa Mirabi