Mathematics Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I start in Algebra I, can I get to Calculus?

A: Yes. You can double up in Geometry and Algebra II in your 10th grade year with departmental permission.

Q: How do I get extra help?
A: Individual teachers are often available during H blocks, meetings blocks and in the evenings. Also, many nights there is a math teacher on duty in the math office at “math table” to help anyone who needs help from 8-9PM. Peer tutoring is available by arrangement.

Q: Do we use technology in the classroom?
A: A graphing calculator is used in most classes at the Algebra II level and higher. Some teachers also use the Smartboard, a tablet, and graphing applications.

Q: I was placed into “________ “ course because of my placement test. What can I do about that if I think I should be in a higher level?
A: You can take another “test” the first night of classes in the fall and see how you do. Email the department head to alert him/her of your intentions and look for an email in News when you get to school in the fall for details.

Q: Do we have a Math Team?
A: Yes! It typically meets on some Tuesday afternoons during the Meetings block to take the various contests in which we participate. They also travel to a few competitions during the year.

Q: What graphing calculator is recommended?
A: A TI-84 model.

Q: Can we use a cell phone or smart-watch as a calculator on assessments?
A: No.

Q: What courses are available if I exhaust the curriculum?
A: Independent tutorials or online courses through Stanford University.

Q: Do I need to buy my own textbook?
A: Yes. Information is sent over the summer.

Q: Do you use electronic books?
A: Textbooks are strongly encouraged but electronic books are acceptable.

Q: What other supplies are needed for math?
A: A notebook of some kind that is dedicated to math, as you will be expected to take notes on a daily basis. Your teacher will provide you with more specifics the first day of class.