Science and Technology

Science and Technology

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Taft science and technology students tackle independent tutorials in quantum mechanics, neuroscience, the controlled release of anti-cancer drugs, video game design and human echolocation. They present research projects at major universities, and work side-by-side with world-renowned scientists at leading research institutions.They also take intro-level bio and chem courses, as they work to fulfill basic science requirements, and learn to code. At Taft, science and technology are for everyone, at every level. It is a course of study that is accessible, meaningful, and relevant.

The science curriculum extends beyond the big three of physics, bio, and chem, of course. Science courses on medical ethics and forensics help keep students engaged in scientific thought, giving them confidence with scientific vocabulary and reasoning. Similarly, aquaculture, oceanography, and environmental science courses are well attended, with three or four sections of AP Environmental Science being offered each academic year.

An overwhelming majority of Taft students graduate with at least four years of science, with many completing the equivalent of five years. Behind all of this work is a faculty that challenges students with the goal of cultivating independent, scientific thinkers, eager to take students as far as they can go in science. This means that, in addition to a an impressive array of curricular offerings, Taft offers a full schedule of extracurricular science opportunities, including robotics teams, international competitions in physics, general science, and chemistry, and post-AP classes taught at the college level.

“The level of science taught here now is above and beyond what the school has seen in its history.”—Jon Willson ’82, Director of the Moorhead Academic Center

Meet our Science Department

“The school does a really great job of preparing students to be critical thinkers. Our talented faculty offers broad electives that inspire curiosity in all kinds of students.”—Dr. Amanda Benedict, Science Teacher

A Walk Through Wu

The Lady Ivy Kwok Wu Science and Mathematics Center is a state-of-the-art, 48,000-square foot academic facility with resources that rival those at many colleges. It is home to our aquaculture lab, a robotics facilities, 3-D printer and digitizer, and a PCR machine capable of replicating a single copy of DNA into a million copies within four hours.

NYBG Partnership

Taft students work side-by-side with renowned scientists during summer internships, conducting advanced research.

The Future of Cancer Therapies

Leigh Sharpless '18 is studying the future of cancer therapies, and it looks bright.