Portrait of a Science Graduate

Embrace an interest in science and scientific discovery.

Students will be offered diverse experiences and opportunities to study science.The needs of all students will be addressed and curriculum will be designed appropriately through both the Integrated Science Program and the AP/elective offerings. Every effort will be made to link the classroom experience to modern scientific discoveries and technological innovations.

Display a mastery of a basic body of scientific knowledge.

Students should leave Taft with the necessary knowledge base required to make informed decisions concerning the rapidly expanding areas of scientific discovery and to understand the impact science will have on their lives in the areas of health, medicine, ethics, political, and fiscal decision making.The department views this as a critical authentic task for all citizens in our increasingly technological world regardless of career destination.

Possess a basic skill set required to carry out research and understand the methods and complexities of scientific investigation.

The student will master the basic laboratory technology used in each of the scientific disciplines to prepare the Taft graduate for future scientific study.

Be able to facilitate an intellectual exchange of scientific knowledge, research and investigation.

Taft graduates will engage in written, mathematical, and oral expression of scientific discovery and provide evidence of their mastery of each format within the classroom environment.The very nature of scientific investigation requires communication of original research to the scientific community.Scientists must also be able to understand and replicate previously performed scientific investigations and build on the basic foundation of science in their individual research.By providing opportunities within the classroom for students to drill in all three methods of communication and assessing their mastery of these skills, the department will be recreating another authentic task of scientific investigation.

Appreciate the rewards of hard work, both tangible and intangible.

The student will master the ability to organize and display time management techniques for dealing with the complexities of academia and extra curricular activities.This is clearly a school wide goal. We believe each department needs to address its role in teaching these essential skills.