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The study of writing and literature is the heart of any traditional boarding school education. At Taft, our unique electives take our curriculum beyond tradition through the exploration of modern themes, interdisciplinary study, and innovative approaches.


History offers context and perspective. Our curriculum nutures the development of understanding through the exploration of other times, cultures, and events that helped shape the world they live in.


The study of foreign languages at Taft reaches well beyond the nuts and bolts of verb conjugation. Our students delve deep into the core of other cultures, civilizations, and people, though a wealth of experiences, both here and abroad.


Art is the most elemental form of expression. It challenges the mind, nurtures the soul, and spurs innovation. The Arts curriculum at Taft is broad, deep, and built on opportunity.

Meet a Taftie

Gabby is an artist in every sense of the word. She used the Independent Study Program to expand her skills and repertoire.

Meet a Taftie

Chris Brown '64 had "spectacularly good" English teachers at Taft. Naturally he became one.