AP U.S. History: 1890—1940

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Encyclopedias and Reference Books / eBooks

Search large collections of reference ebooks simultaneously in these databases: Gale Virtual Reference Library and Salem History. Also: Britannica Academic Online contains the complete Encyclopedia Britannica plus authoritative websites and full-text journal access.

NEW AT THE LIBRARY Oxford Research Encyclopedia of American History (Substantive, peer-reviewed, and regularly updated, Oxford Research Encyclopedias offer long-form overview articles written, peer-reviewed, and edited by leading scholars. All of the content is brand new and has been written specifically for this online format. Of special interest are the historiographies at the end of the articles, primary sources and links to digital materials.)







Statistics. Population

  • Historical statistics of the United States. Ref HA 202 .H57 2006 5 vols
  • Vital statistics of the United States. Ref HB 3505 .V58 2004

Economics. Commerce. Labor

Sociology. Social History. Criminology


  • American immigration : an encyclopedia of political, social, and cultural change. Ref JV6465 .E53 2013 4 vols (also an online ebook)
  • Anti-immigration in the United States: a historical encyclopedia. Ref JV6450 .A67 2011 2 vols
  • Civil disobedience: an encyclopedic history of dissidence in the United States. Ref JC 328.3 .S64 2008
  • Encyclopedia of American foreign policy. Ref JX 1407 .E57 3 vols
  • Encyclopedia of American immigration. Ref JV 6465 .E53 2001 4 vols
  • Encyclopedia of American political parties and elections. Ref JK 2261 .S2182007
  • Encyclopedia of civil liberties in America. Ref JC 599 .U5 E53 2005 3 vols
  • Encyclopedia of espionage, intelligence, and security. 2004 (an online ebook)
  • Encyclopedia of intelligence and counterintelligence. Ref KF220 .G74 2002 2 vols
  • Encyclopedia of North American immigration. Ref JV6465 .P68 2005 (also an online ebook)
  • Encyclopedia of the Republican Party. Ref JK 2352 .K87 1997 v.1- v.2 and suppl.1
  • Encyclopedia of the Democratic Party. Ref JK 2352 .K87 1997 v.3-v.4 and suppl. 2
  • Encyclopedia of the U.S. Presidency: a historical reference. Ref JK517 .E53 2013 6 vols (also an online ebook)
  • Encyclopedia of the United States Congress. Ref JK 1067 1995 4 vols
  • Encyclopedia of third parties in America. Ref JK 2261 .E474 2000 3 vols
  • The making of modern immigration : an encyclopedia of people and ideas. Ref JV6450 .M364 2012 2 vols
  • The Oxford encyclopedia of American political and legal history. Ref JK9 .O94 2012 2 vols
  • Political corruption in America: an encyclopedia of scandals, power, and greed. Ref JK 2249 .G767 2017 2 vols


  • American treaties and alliances. Ref KZ 236 2000
  • Congress investigates: a critical and documentary history. Ref KF4942 .C66 2011 2 vols (also an online ebook) Note: earlier edition in Main Collection, JK1123.A2 S34
  • Encyclopedia of American civil rights and liberties. Ref KF 4748 .E53 2006 3 vols
  • Encyclopedia of American Indian civil rights. Ref KF 8210 .C5 E53 1997
  • Encyclopedia of the American Constitution. Ref KF 4548 .E53 2000 6 vols
  • Great American court cases. Ref KF 385 .A4 G68 1999 4 vols
  • Great American Trials. Ref KF220 .G74 2002 2 vols
  • Great events from history II: human rights series. Ref K 3240.6 .G74 1992 5 vols
  • Guide to the U.S. Supreme Court. Ref KF 8742 .W567 2004 2 vols
  • Major acts of Congress. Ref KF 154 .M35 2004 3 vols (also an online ebook)
  • U.S. laws, acts, and treaties. Ref KF 385 .A4 U152 2003 3 vols


  • Encyclopedia of American education. Ref LB 17 .U54 2007 3 vols
  • Historical dictionary of school segregation and desegregation. Ref LC 212.52 .R34 1998


  • New Grove dictionary of American music. Ref ML 101 U6 N48 1986
  • New Grove dictionary of jazz. Ref ML 102 .J3 N48 2001 3 vols


  • American women artists: from early Indian times to the present. Ref N 6505 .R8 1982
  • Arts and Humanities Through the Eras. 2005 5 vols (an online ebook)
  • Dictionary of art. Ref N 31 .D5 1996 34 vols
  • Dictionary of twentieth-century art. Ref N 6490 .C5317 1998
  • Encyclopedia of American architecture. Ref NA 705 .H86
  • Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance. Ref NX 512.3 .A35 E53 2004 2 vols
  • Great events from history II: arts and culture series. Ref NX 456 .G72 1993 5 vols
  • Harlem Renaissance. 2001 (an online ebook)
  • Oxford dictionary of American art and artists. Ref N 6505.M59 2007
  • Timelines of the arts and literature. Ref NX 447.5 .B76 1994


  • African American writers. Ref PS 153 .N5 A344 1990
  • American history through literature, 1870-1920. 2006 (an online ebook)
  • American writers. Ref PS 129 .A55 12 vols and suppl.
  • In our own words: extraordinary speeches of the American century. Ref PS 661 .I53 1999
  • Literary history of the United States. Ref PS 88 .L522 1974 2 vols
  • Literature and its times. Ref PN 50 .L574 5 vols and 2 suppl (also an online ebook)
  • Modern American women writers. Ref PS 151 .M54
  • Oxford companion to American literature. Ref PS 21 .H3 1995
  • Oxford encyclopedia of theatre & performance. Ref PN 2035 .O94 2003 2 vols
  • Twentieth-century literary movements dictionary. Ref PN 597 .T94 2000


  • Cambridge world history of human disease. Ref R 131 .C233 1995
  • Encyclopedia of medical history. Ref R 133 .M34 1985
  • Encyclopedia of pestilence, pandemics, and plagues. Ref RA652 .E535 2008 2 vols
  • Encyclopedia of science, technology, and ethics. Ref Q 175.35 .E53 2005 4 vols
  • Historical encyclopedia of atomic energy. Ref QC 772 .A87 2000
  • Science and its times: Understanding the social significance of scientific discovery. Ref Q 175.46 .S35 2000 8 vols (also an online ebook)


  • Encyclopedia of American forest and conservation history. Ref SD 143 E53 1983


  • American naval history: an illustrated chronology…1775-present. Ref VA 58.4 .S94 1984
  • Encyclopedia of American intelligence and espionage: from the Revolutionary War to the present. Ref UB 271 .U5 O85 1988
  • Encyclopedia of guerilla warfare. Ref U 240 .B43 1999
  • The Oxford encyclopedia of maritime history. Ref VK15 .O84 2007 4 vols
  • Weapons and warfare. Ref UF500 .W48 2010 3 vols (also an online ebook)


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Primary Sources

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  • Liberty Magazine Historical Archive, 1924-1950 Liberty flourished when illustrated magazines were the most important form of mass entertainment. Liberty charted the moods, attitudes, lifestyles, fads, and fortunes of middle class America through three significant decades.
  • Modern World History Online Overview essays, biographies, events and topics, primary source documents, timelines, maps and charts, images and videos from the mid-15th century to the present.
  • New York Times 1851-2009 (ProQuest Historical Newspapers) Graphical interface and full-text coverage back to the first issue in 1851 (Click here for Traditional Interface)
  • Scribner Writers Series Essays on world authors and literary genres drawn from the acclaimed
    Scribner print series, which includes American writers: a collection of literary biographies.
  • U.S. History in Context Comprehensive collection of reference sources, primary documents, periodicals, maps and multimedia
  • Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600 – 2000 Thousands of primary source documents and other resources in American women's history