U.S. History: Stamp Act Debates

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To search large collections of ebooks simultaneously: Gale Virtual Reference Library, Infobase eBooks, and Salem History. Also: Britannica Academic contains the complete Encyclopedia Britannica, plus primary sources, ebook content, images and video, journal articles, and recommended web links.

  • American centuries: the ideas, issues, and values that shaped U.S. history. Ref E 174 .A534 2011 5 vols (also an online ebook)
  • The American economy: a historical encyclopedia. Ref HC102 .A66 2011 2 vols
  • American eras: the Revolutionary era, 1754-1783. Ref E 169.1 .A471979 1997 v. 3 (also an online ebook)
  • The American Revolution, 1763-1789. History in dispute series. Ref D 20 .H543 2000 v.12 (also an online ebook)
  • American Revolution Reference Library, 5v, 2000 (an online ebook)
  • American writers before 1800: a biographical and critical dictionary. Ref PS 185 .A4 1983 3 vols
  • Americans at war: Society, culture and the homefront. Ref E 181 .A453 2005 4 vols (also an online ebook)
  • Civil disobedience: an encyclopedic history of dissidence in the United States. Ref JC 328.3 .S64 2008 2 vols
  • Colonial America reference library, 6v, 2000 (an online ebook)
  • Conflicts in American history: a documentary encyclopedia. Ref E 174 .C655 2010 8 vols (also an online ebook)
  • Dictionary of American history. Ref E 174 .D52 2003 10 vols (also an online ebook)
  • Disasters, accidents, and crises in American history : a reference guide to the nation's most catastrophic events. Ref E 179 .C27 2008
  • Encyclopedia of American economic history. Ref HC103 .E52 3 vols
  • Encyclopedia of American historical documents. Ref E 173 .E54 2004 3 vols
  • Encyclopedia of American History: Revolution and the New Nation, 1761-1812. Ref 174 .E53 2003 v. 3(2010 ed. also an online ebook)
  • Encyclopedia of American political history. Ref E 183 .E5 1984 3 vols
  • Encyclopedia of American social history. Ref HN57 .E58 1992 3 vols
  • Encyclopedia of colonial and revolutionary America. Ref E 188 .E63
  • Encyclopedia of revolutionary America. Ref E208 .G55 2010 3 vols (also an online ebook)
  • Encyclopedia of the North American colonies. Ref E 45 .E53 1993 3 vols
  • Encyclopedia of U.S. political history. Ref E 183 .E53 2010 7 vols
  • Gale encyclopedia of U.S. economic history. 3 v, 2015 (an online ebook)
  • Gale encyclopedia of U.S. history: Government and politics , 2v, 2008 (an online ebook)
  • Great events from history: The 18th century, 1701-1800. Ref D 286 .G74 2006 2 vols (also an online ebook)
  • Milestone documents in American history. Ref E 173 .M54 2008 3 vols (also an online ebook)
  • Milestone documents of American leaders. Ref E 173 .M55 2009 4 vols (also an online ebook)
  • Revolts, protests, demonstrations, and rebellions in American history: an encyclopedia. 2011 (an online ebook)

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    • American colonial documents to 1776. (English historical documents, vol. IX –X ) DA 26 E55 v. 9 and v. 10
    • American political writing during the founding era, 1760-1805 / Charles S. Hyneman and Donald S. Lutz. JK 113 .A716 1983 2 vols (index in v.2)
    • American Tory / William H. Nelson. E 277 .N48
    • Debatable issues in U.S. history: From colonies to a country, 1635-1790. E 178.3 .D42 2004, v. 1
    • Debating the issues in colonial newspapers / David A. Copeland. E 187 .C78 2000
    • The founding of a nation: A history of the American Revolution, 1763-1776 / Merrill Jensen. E 195 J4 (also an online ebook)
    • The glorious case: The American Revolution, 1763-1789 / Robert Middlekauff. E 208 .M52 1982
    • Jared Ingersoll; A study of American loyalism in relation to British colonial government. E 302.6 I6 G44 1969
    • The long fuse: How England lost the American colonies, 1760-1785 / Don Cook. E 210 .C665 1995
    • Major problems in the era of the American Revolution, 1760-1791 / Richard D. Brown, editor. E 208 .M335 2000
    • Prologue to revolution: Sources and documents of the Stamp Act Crisis, 1764-1766. E 215.2 .M57
    • The Stamp Act Crisis: Prologue to revolution. E 215.2 .M58
    • Whig-Loyalism: An aspect of political ideology in the American revolutionary era / William Allen Benton. E 277 .B4


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    Taft Online Subscription Databases

    • ACLS Humanities E-Book An online collection of approximately 4,300 books of high quality in the humanities
    • American History Online Overview essays, biographies, primary sources, videos and slideshows, images, timelines, and maps and graphs in American political, military, social, and cultural history.
    • America's Historical Newspapers 1690 – 2000 Full facsimile images of American papers back to the colonial era. Tip: Check the timeline for relevant topics. Also, limit search by specific dates and eras.
    • Annals of American History Search 2700+ primary source documents and multimedia by author, decade, or topic
    • British Periodicals (1681-1937) Full facsimile images of more than 160 periodicals from the late seventeenth century to the early twentieth. Topics covered include literature, philosophy, history, science, the fine arts, and the social sciences
    • Classroom Video on Demand Provides access to thousands of full-length videos and clips on core-curriculum topics
    • Hartford Courant America's longest-running newspaper
    • Issues & Controversies in American History Background, outcomes, and contemporary points of view for every major debate and conflict in American history
    • Sources in US History Online: The American Revolution Consisting of 450 titles totaling 94,000 pages of text, this digital archive documents the revolution and war that created the United States of America, from the earliest protests in 1765 through the peace treaty of 1783.
    • U. S. History in Context Comprehensive collection of reference sources, primary documents, periodicals, maps and multimedia

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