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“In the 21st century, scientific and technological innovations have become increasingly important as we face the benefits and challenges of both globalization and a knowledge-based economy. To succeed in this new information-based and highly technological society, students need to develop their capabilities in STEM to levels much beyond what was considered acceptable in the past.”
—National Science Foundation

According to the United States Department of Commerce, STEM-based careers are growing at a rate that is more than double that of all other occupations. As the global workplace changes, STEM knowledge and skills become increasingly important in in every field, not just those driven by technology.

Taft prepares students to not only meet the learning and workplace challenges of the 21st century, but to emerge as skilled contributors, thought leaders, and innovators. At Taft, STEM—courses in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics— is not a program, or a set of courses offered in isolation. Rather, STEM is the integration of courses incorporating multiple disciplines and linked learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom. It is hands-on, exploratory, and interdisciplinary. It emphasizes critical thinking, understanding, and engagement beyond Taft’s walls. Our students build robots, compete in international mathematics competitions, and create 3-D worlds using the latest technology. They conduct medical research at some of the nation’s top scientific institutions, intern beside college students and graduate fellows, and conduct and present research of their own.

What you know is only as important as what you can do with what you know. What Taft students do is extraordinary.

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Growing Scientists

Taft's science facilities rival those at top colleges and universities. So does the work being done inside.

STEM Students Making their Mark

Taft’s STEM students routinely test their mettle against the best and the brightest student from across the globe, making their mark on the international competition circuit.