Why Taft?

1. Being someplace where smart is cool and kind is even cooler.

We believe in academic rigor, and deliver it with heart.

2. Exceptional faculty

Taft teachers are passionate about their subjects, committed to teaching, love what they do, and work hard to bring the best out in their students.

3. The chance to try new things

You can be a linebacker who sings in the chorus, or a physicist who stars in the play.

4. Being NON UT SIBI

Tafties work in all different ways to make campus, the surrounding area, and the world a better place.

5. The campus

The most beautiful, friendly campus in New England.

6. Time

Time to pursue your passion, develop your skills (whether they be academic, artistic, or athletic), and prepare for college.

7. Awesome options for your weekend

Movies, dances, trips, or just hanging out with your friends at the Jig.

8. Our library, math and science centers, and new STEM lab

Beautiful, light-filled spaces with amazing resources and unlimited opportunities.

9. Your advisor and student mentor

Just two of the many people at Taft who will give you great advice and help you learn the ropes.

10. The opportunity to make amazing, lifelong friends

Students come from 34 states and 51 countries.