E-Newsletter Archive

December 2023
           Volume 7, Issue 3
            Winter Greetings from Head of School Peter Becker ’95; Alumni News; Taft on the Road; Save the Date: Upcoming Events; On Campus
October 2023
           Volume 7, Issue 2
            Kicking Off the School Year: Convocation 23—24; A Message From the Chair of the Board; Emily Israel Pluhar ’96 Named to Board; Alumni News;                                                    Taft on the Road; Save the Date: Upcoming Events; On Campus
July 2023
           Volume 7, Issue 1
            Peter Becker '95 Assumes Head of School Post; Pam and Willy MacMullen '78 Honored with 2023 Horace Dutton Taft Alumni Medal; Jeff Walsh '93
            Elected Alumni Trustee; A Celebration to Remember: Alumni Weekend 2023; Taft on the Road: Summer 2023; On Campus
March 2023
          Volume 6, Issue 10
           Alumni Weekend 2023; Alumni Trustee Election; Honoring The MacMullens; Taft on The Road; Non Ut Sibi May: Living the Taft Motto Where You Live; Music for a While              Concert Series; Taft Athletics: A Post-Season to Remember; On Campus; Taft’s Day Of Giving
December 2022
Volume 6, Issue 9
Meet Peter Becker '95, Taft's 6th Head of School; In Memoriam: Remembering Faculty Emeritus William G. Nicholson P'80,83,84; In the News: Ellie O'Neill '11 Named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Impact List; Campus Connections: Jeremiah Vargas '16 Creates Opportunities for Taft Students; 2022 D'Arco Cup: A Tradition of Honor, Service, and Celebration; 86th Service of Lessons and Carols; Holiday Greeting from the Taft Community; Varsity Field Hockey: Living the Dream; A Clean Hotchkiss Day Sweep for Taft's Varsity Teams!
Fall 2022
Volume 6, Issue 8
Fall Greetings from Mr. Mac; Lasting Legacies through Alumni Giving: Service Travel across the Globe; Strengthening Our Community: The Ongoing Work of DEI; Taft on the Road: Director of Admissions Peter Frew ’75 And Chief Advancement Officer Lawrence Crimmins visit Asia; Meet Director of Financial Aid Michael Hoffman ’97 in London; Save the Date: Upcoming Events; Campus News: Academics Lie at The Heart of a Taft School Education; Morning Meeting: A Focus on Mental Health; Community Service: It’s a New Day At Taft
Summer 2022
Volume 6, Issue 7
Taft’s 132nd Commencement; Roger Lee ’90, P’23 Appointed to Board; Save the Date; Campus News
Spring 2022
Volume 6, Issue 6
Alumni Weekend returns to Campus; Karen L. Stevenson ’75: Inspiring Taft Students; Taft Girls’ Lax: A Celebration 50 Years in the Making; Head of School Search, Faces and Spaces; Leading the Way; Welcome New Trustees; New Turf; Upcoming Events; Campus News; Read More Stories About Life at Taft
Winter 2022
Volume 6, Issue 6
The View from Taft; Celebrating Excellence; Working for You; Women at Taft: A Celebratory Concert; Upcoming Alumni Events: Conversations for Continuous Change; Pro Soccer Action in Texas!; 50 Years of Coeducation: Taking It Back to the ’70s; We’re Coming to Charleston; Alumni Weekend: May 13-14, 2022;Making the Most of Taft Connect; Campus News: Black History Month; Living the Arts: Pearl Young ’18; College Bound: Student-Athletes Commit to College Programs
Fall 2021
Volume 6, Issue 5
Alumni Voices: The View from Campus; Upcoming Alumni Events: Understanding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace; Meet Taft’s New Dean of Community, Justice, and Belonging; Author William Sutton ’89; A Growing Partnership: Taft and NYBG At Home and Across the Globe; Connect with Fellow Tafties on Taft Connect!; Celebrating 50 Years of Coeducation; Alumni Weekend: May 13-14, 2022; Campus News: Perspective: Building Strength Through Adversity; Student Voices: Inspiring Leaders; Go Big Red! Go Rhinos!; Summer Journeys: Profiles of Taft Students’ Summer Experiences
Summer 2021
Volume 6, Issue 4
Executive Summary of the DEI Strategic Planning Committee Audit; Charmaine S. Lester '07 Elected to Taft's Board of Trustees; Commencement 2021; Summer Renovations; Campus News; Looking Ahead to the 2021-22 Academic Year; Alumni Weekend 2022; Taft Connect
Spring 2021
Volume 6, Issue 3
Video Series: Inside Taft Classrooms; Alumni Week; Taft Connect; Alumni Volunteer Opportunities; Calling All Wrestlers; Rhino Crash 2.0: Global Trade in a New World & Yoga and Wellness; Taft During COVID-19; Campus News; Give Back to Taft Today
Winter 2021
Volume 6, Issue 2
You Will Be Found”—A Performance by Collegium Musicum; Supriya Balsekar Booth ’04 Joins Board of Trustees;
Sinclair ’05 Named Alumni Annual Fund Co-Chair; Taft During COVID-19; Thoughts on the Events of January 6 and Our Work at Taft; MLK Day and Black History Month; 2021 Virtual Alumni Weekend; Virtual Gatherings for Taft Alumni Teams; Rhino Crash 2.0: A Concert to Connect; Dave Kirkpatrick ’89 P’23: Producer of Jimmy Carter Rock and Roll President; Day of Giving
Fall 2020
Volume 6, Issue 1
Reflections on the Fall Semester; Rhino Crash 2.0 Brings Tafties Together Virtually, Rising to the Challenges of a Year Like No Other; Taft Connect: Your New Online Alumni Community
Winter 2020
Volume 5, Issue 2
A Week of Discussion and Celebration; Taft Connect: Your New Online Alumni Community; Morning Meetings: Bringing the World to Taft
Fall 2019
Volume 5, Issue 1
Taft Connect – A New Online Alumni Community; Community Service Day 2019; Alumni Spotlights
December 2017
Volume 3, Issue 2
82nd Service of Lessons and Carols; Taft Completes NEASC Reaccreditation; Community Service Day 2017
Fall 2017
Volume 3, Issue 1
Taft Loses a Legend: Remembering Larry Stone; Conversation and Community; Taft Voices; Morning Meetings—Online!
January 2016
Volume 2, Issue 2
Hail and Farewell; Listening to Learn, Learning to Listen: Remembering the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; Taft's 80th Service of Lessons & Carols
October 2015
Volume 2, Issue 1
Remembering Taft's Third Headmaster, John Cushing Esty, Jr.; Taft's 21st Annual Day of Service; Bringing Beauty Back: Martin Health Center, Bingham Auditorium, and HDT Renovations; Morning Meetings–Online!
April 2015
Volume 1, Issue 3
Spring Break Serving Others; Horace D. Taft Alumni Medal; Taft Takes Third Place at Connecticut Science Olympiad; Service Through Sports
February 2015
Volume 1, Issue 2
Taft's 2015 Winter Alumni Games; Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; Former NYT Columnist Bob Herbert, Theoretical Physicist Jim Gates Speak at Taft; Taft Photos & Video
December 2014
Volume 1, Issue 1
79th Service of Lessons and Carols; The End of an Era - Maryann Laska Retires; Lessons in Leadership and Respectful Debate; Hotchkiss Day 2014; Community Service Day Reaches a Milestone