Constructive/Destructive: Amy Archambault

November 5 to December 9, 2010

Amy Archambault is a Connecticut-born artist residing in Philadelphia. She received her Bachelor’s degree from the College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts, enjoyed further study with a Fellowship at Trinity College, and then received her Master’s degree in Studio Art from the University of Pennsylvania.

The reciprocal relationships that sustain and destroy life inspire my work.I am concerned with the functioning of our environment and the competition between all things: interactions that reveal creation or progress, but additionally uncover anxieties of isolation, death, destruction and failure…

…As urban society continues to advance, it neglects the power of the natural world…Ironically, our actions to make and manipulate a perfect world are consequently destroying it.The world continues to push back.How would man respond to the thought of nature engulfing his existence?

…I intend to confront the viewer with glimpses into a dark and plausible future; that which becomes accessible because of its beautiful rendering.Envision a city; a civilization; its destruction; the very element that will become the route of all creation.

—Amy Archambault