Sustainable? Mead Eagle Photography

February 8 to March 8, 2013

Photographers Dan Mead, a former educator turned psychotherapist, and his wife Sally Eagle, entrepreneur and the first Executive Director of the Berkshire-Taconic Community Foundation, first photographed their travels for personal enjoyment, and subsequently to document them for family and friends. Over the past 35 years, the process of editing and selecting photographs to be viewed by others enticed them to focus more intently on vividly capturing the essence of the landscapes, the wildlife and the cultures they encountered, and the scenes they witnessed.

Since the advent of digital photography they have had the opportunity to both travel extensively and to study with and learn from some of the leading landscape and wildlife photographers in the country, such as David Muensch, Jack Dykinga, and John Shaw. Beginning in 2008, they began exhibiting their work in schools and communities in the Northeast.

The primary objective of Mead Eagle Photos is to provide high impact visual images of wildlife, landscapes and cultures around the world to college and secondary school students throughout the Northeast. We exhibit in galleries and other educational venues in order to encourage a dialogue: whether about photography itself, global studies, environmental studies or as a basis for the interaction of the visual and literary arts. We hope the photographs help supplement and enrich a student’s educational experience.