Of Grace: Yee-Fun Yin

April 18 to May 27, 2014

Of Grace is a series of portraits of young people that I have met as an educator. These pictures explore the concept of universal grace in the manifestation, the signs and symbols, as bestowed upon us, especially during our youth, without our having to ask for it or earn it. This unconditional favor transcends race and religion, or class and culture. Grace is given like a parent’s love for his child.

The images are made over a two-year period in different formats, ranging from a 35mm panorama to an 8x10 inch large-format studio camera. The triple-portraits are made in one frame in a single instant with the help of mirrors. The headshots are made in a studio. The narrative and intuitive portraits are made on location with a 4x5 inch field camera. The film negatives are scanned and printed with pigment ink.

—Yee-Fun Yin

Woodbury, Connecticut 2014