Beyond the Window: ZEUXIS

October 23 to December 1, 2015

Founded in New York City in 1994, Zeuxis began as an association of painters exploring the possibilities of still life—traditionally the least prestigious of genres—in the post-Modernist art world. To date, Zeuxis has organized over forty exhibitions around the country.

Beyond the Window is an exhibition by Zeuxis artists (an association of still life painters) that explores the ways paintings use interior scenes to frame outdoor vistas.

From at least the time of ancient Pompeii, artists have used the device of a window view to contrast inner and outer worlds. The division of spaces – between worlds of direct sunlight and shadowy interior – heighten an entire set of contrasts: the intimate and the expansive; the domestic and the untamed; the controlled and the out of control. For all of these artists, the frame of the window serves as both threshold and unifier, at once containing the outdoors and providing release from the indoors.