Whose Woods

Hero Treatment Container

Hero Treatment

Whose Woods

Yee-Fun Yin

May 2, 2019—September 30, 2019

Opening reception May 2, 2019 5-7 pm

Artist's Statement

I am excited to be given an opportunity to share with the Taft community and the public the photographs made during my sabbatical year.

This body of work examines private ownership of land. The format of the show will be dual- medium: words and images. These writings will share equal gallery space with the images. Several writers will contribute personal essays on the topic and other aspects of land ownership.

The photographs explore this concept from the point of view of someone who doesn’t have any land holdings of his own. It is an outsider view, yet also a personal one, reconciling a long-held yearning and desire for one’s own piece of land.

At the heart of this project are questions about loss and occupation. Together, the words and the images will invite the readers and viewers to reflect upon their own relationship with land.

—Yee-Fun Yin