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Hero Treatment

“The arts are alive and vibrant at Taft. That so many of our arts venues are located on the school’s main hall—Potter Gallery, Bingham Auditorium, the black box theater, and even Lincoln Lobby, where our choral groups often perform—speaks to the value that is placed on the arts in our community.”

Bruce Fifer, Arts Department

Art is the most elemental form of expression. It challenges the mind, nurtures the soul, and spurs innovation. Mr. Taft understood the vital role art plays in shaping the spirit and intellect of his students. Our graduates are collaborators. They are disciplined thinkers. They are intuitive, imaginative creators, and observers in all areas of their lives.

Academic courses in the arts support the school's mission of educating the whole person, and are included in our required curriculum. Opportunities outside of the classroom—from concerts and theater to gallery exhibits and travel—not only broaden and enhance learning, but also bring energy, culture, creativity, and balance.

Faculty Artists