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Fine Arts

student painting

The fine arts at Taft blend traditional disciplines with contemporary exploration.

Performing Arts

student midair during a dance performance

Every performance reflects the collective effort of artists, choreographers, production teams, teachers, and technicians, all of whom will find opportunity in our performing arts program.


Closeup of a student's hands while she plays a guitar

Our robust and widely celebrated music programs allow students to refine their skills, while performing across the globe.


Jack Elrad '17 using a video camera outdoors

Taft's video arts students have shown films at Tribeca Film Festival events, worked with world-renowned producers and directors, and learned remarkable skills that have opened new doors.

Express Yourself

Taft students are thinkers, creators, and performers. They explore emotion, celebrate individuality, transform ideas and insights into art, and push the limits of their own creativity.

Upcoming Arts Events