Fine Arts

Hero Treatment Container

Hero Treatment

Ceramics & Sculpture

Closeup of a student's hands while she creates a clay basket

Taft students mold, shape, model and create as they explore these ancient art forms.

Design, Drawing & Painting

Sample student painting of still life with fruit and jars

Visual arts students learn and create in the Tremaine Art Studio, a historically significant, visually inspiring space.


Still life photo of apples, pears, garlic bulbs, and gourd

Our photography courses offer students the opportunity to explore both the most fundamental and most advanced elements of photography.

Mark W. Potter Gallery

Student viewing a photo on display in the Potter Gallery

Potter Gallery celebrates the work of contemporary artists, while honoring the legacy of an esteemed teacher.

Beyond Main Hall: Exploring the Region’s Cultural Resources

Taft is situated midway between Boston and New York, and Taft students benefit from all that both cities have to offer.

Portrait of a student molding a piece of clay in the Gail Wynn Sculpture and Ceramics studio

Upcoming Arts Events

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