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Overview & Philosophy

Our visual arts courses are designed to develop self-confidence and facility in drawing and color for all students, regardless of their former training or artistic ability. Command of composition, line, color, and shape is practiced as a basis for all fine and applied arts. Offered at introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels, all courses provide a rigorous workload, and consistent, regular appraisal and critique. Advanced students may also pursue an independent tutorial in visual arts.

Visual arts students learn and create in the Tremaine Art Studio, a historically significant, visually inspiring space. They may also exhibit their work in the Mark W. Potter Gallery, and work with professional artists from a wide range of disciplines who come to Taft through our Visiting Artist program.


Course Offerings

From introductory coursework to advanced independent tutorials, art students create, explore, and grow in our studios.

The Tremaine Art Studio

The Tremaine Art Studio is an historic space serving a new purpose.

Mark W. Potter Gallery

Potter Gallery celebrates the work of contemporary artists, while honoring the legacy of an esteemed schoolmaster.

Rockwell Visiting Artists

For nearly 20 years, the Rockwell Visiting Artists Program has helped bring the arts to life at Taft.

Student Galleries

Enjoy the creativity and artistic talent of our community.

Upcoming Arts Events

There are no events to display