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Choral Music

Taft Collegium Musicum performers

Taft students sing in joy and in celebration, for fulfillment and artistic expression.

Instrumental Music

Taft instrumental music performers

Instrumental Music teacher TJ Thompson has built a program on the belief that, through music, our students not only have the capacity to become great performers, but also great people.

Music for a While Performance Series

Outside view of entrance of Woodward Chapel during Lessons & Carols performance

Taft’s Music for a While Performance Series is a well-known and highly regarded celebration of music and culture.

Swept Up in Sound: The Working Lives of Four Young Professional Musicians

Portrait of Taft alum and trombonist Freddy 'Fuego' Gonzalez '05

Making it in the music business is a daunting task, but these four Taft alumni are carving their own paths as professional musicians and creating beautiful music that satisfies their souls.

Upcoming Arts Events