Choral Music

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Taft vocalists sing in celebration and exultation. They may engage in the artistic life of the school through formal choral music classes, our showcase choir, student-led performance groups, and private vocal lessons. Musicians have written and recorded original compositions, including full albums in wide release, in our digital recording studio. They travel the world, performing at prestigious concert venues and with renowned musicians, and fill the halls of Mr. Taft’s school with joyful sound.

Beginning vocalists may join our chorus, where they will learn singing techniques, simple sight-reading, ear training, and the joy of singing and performing with a group. More advanced vocalists may audition for one of our a cappella groups, or for our showcase choir, Collegium Musicum. They may also apply to pursue an independent course of study in choral music.

"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."—Aldous Huxley


Course Offerings

Music study is offered at many levels across many disciplines.

Collegium Musicum

Collegium Musicum is Taft’s showcase choir. The group is open to all students by audition, and performs a repertoire that represents every major period of music history.

Student-led Groups

Some of Taft's student performance groups are nearly as old as the school, itself.

Performances Spaces and Resources

Our performance venues are some of the most beautiful and historic on any private school campus.

Music for a While Concert Series

Taft’s Music for a While Performance Series is a well-known and highly regarded celebration of music and culture.