Instrumental Music

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The instrumental music program at Taft helps students realize their talents through a broad range of creative outlets. Our goal is for each student to come to know themselves as artists, musicians, and lifelong learners in a collaborative and inclusive setting. In that way, arts education at Taft strengthens our sense of self within the greater community.

I help students discover their strengths as learners, refine their listening skills, and instill a sense of cooperation and expression through music. Through these experiences, our students develop the capacity to become great performers, and great people.

—TJ Thompson, director

Chamber Orchestra and Jazz Band Recording Session in the famed Studio B in Nashville

On Thursday, March 8, 2024, members of the Taft Chamber Orchestra and Jazz Band loaded in to record two pieces over a thirty minute time span. Both of these recordings were done in one take.

1. Concerto Grosso in D minor by Antonio Vivaldi, arranged by Merle Isaac, featuring Steven Zhang, Eden Thompson on violin, Heidi Li, Hayden Choi, Augi Booth, and Madison Kirkland on cello, Tanya Muangman, Isabel Yang, and Farren Camp on flute, and Michael Ren on clarinet.

2. Mahogany Hall Stomp by Spencer Williams, transcribed by T.J. Thompson, featuring Vincent Chen on fiddle, Charlotte Murphy on trumpet, Ruhi Vidhun on alto saxophone, Topher Jones on piano, Andrew Dong on vibraphone, Allisen Yen on bass, and Carson Chen on drums.

Family Weekend-Chamber Orchestra

Vincent Chen '24 Plays Carnegie Hall

When the winners of the American Protégé International Concerto Competition took the stage at New York City's Carnegie Hall last month, Taft's Vincent Chen ’24 was among them.