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Hero Treatment

Stagecraft Overview

The formal study of stagecraft at Taft introduces students to the foundation skills for the realization of stage scenery, costumes, lighting, sound, and properties. With an emphasis on safety, students apply fundamental construction methods to hands-on theater projects, and work with theater-specific electronics and technology.

Students may also pursue a more in depth course study on theater technology and stage design, with an emphasis on sets, costumes, lights, and sound. From conception to opening night, students explore the roles of the producer, director, designers, actors, stage managers, and theater technicians. They make models, render costumes, draft blueprints, create sound effects, and manage computer-controlled light.

Outside of the classroom, our stage crews build and paint scenery, learn to hang and focus lighting instruments and how to sew costumes. Students serve as stage manager, sound and light board operators, stagehands, prop and wardrobe-running crew during each of our three annual main-stage productions.