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Theater Overview

Students at every level of experience will find a place in our theater program. As an afternoon activity, you may audition for parts in our three annual stage productions, or get involved in the production aspects of the show. In the classroom, we offer courses in beginning and advanced acting, with the opportunity to study both comedy and drama at the advanced level. We also offer public speaking and independent tutorial options within the theater department.

Our acting curriculum includes improvisation, Michael Shurtleff’s “12 Guideposts” techniques, and a blend of classical methods. Students learn by doing; our beginner-acting course introduces students to the fundamentals of concentration, observation, imagination, and improvisation. As the course advances, students will begin scene work and characterization, primarily through theater. Advanced drama students develop skills in truthful acting—developing believable characters and circumstances on stage—leading to an ensemble performance. Advanced comedy students will become adept at improvisation and comedy scene writing, and take an in-depth look at the techniques of scene study.

Summer Journeys: Sara Takanabe ’24, A Passion for Acting

Sara spent six weeks last summer learning, growing, and honing her skills as an actor in a program designed to prepare high school theater students for the college audition and interview process.