Helpful Information for Students

  • All students must be screened prior to sport participation. The screening includes height, weight and flexibility assessment.
  • Students who are on term rehab must report everyday to the Taft athletic training room. If you are unable to attend you should notify the athletic trainers via phone call or email. Failure to do so will result in grades being submitted for cutting ex.
  • An injury that occurs after hours or at an away game should be reported to the health center. The nurse on duty will notify the head athletic trainer of your status.
  • Prior to starting a sport you should have the proper sneakers or cleats for the activity.
  • Students who are seen by an outside physician or taken to the emergency room, should have a written diagnosis or medical orders upon arrival to Taft.

Athletic Training Room Policies and Procedures

  • All students are required to sign in when coming to the athletic training room.
  • Proper dress is required in the athletic training room: t-shirts, sneakers, and athletic shorts. No flip flops!
  • No cleats allowed in the Athletic Training Room!
  • All rehab equipment should be returned to it’s proper place.
  • Be courteous and respectful of each other.
  • No food or drinks in the room.
  • All exercise equipment should be signed out.
  • Shoes are not allowed on the treatment tables.
  • No lotion on hands or legs, prior to using the whirlpool.
  • No sports equipment in the athletic training room.