Renowned Player and Coach Omar ElBorolossy Brings His Expertise to Taft Squash
Renowned Player and Coach Omar ElBorolossy Brings His Expertise to Taft Squash

Coach ElBorolossy works with squash players on Taft's court.Marwan ElBorolossy ’21 is a co-captain of Taft’s Boys’ Varsity Squash Team. He learned to play the game from one of the sport’s icons: his father, Omar ElBorolossy. Ranked number one in Egypt for four seasons and peaking at number 14 in the world, Omar founded and now runs El Borolossy Squash Academy, the first specialized squash training academy in Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East. Last week he brought his experience to a series of clinics on the Taft courts with members of the Boys’ and Girls’ Varsity Squash teams.

“We’re beyond fortunate to have had one of the best coaches in the world working with our programs last week,” says Boys’ Varsity Coach Kate Pistel, who worked closely with ElBorolossy over the past few months to create this opportunity for Taft players. “Coach ElBorolossy was a very talented player, and is now an amazing coach. For many of our student-athletes, this is the best coach that they have ever worked with on court. The insight they gained into not only their squash technique, but also their mental game, was tremendous.”

Coach ElBorolossy traveled to Taft from his home in Egypt to lead both classroom-style and on-court sessions with Taft players, sharing insights on all aspects of technical, physical and mental training.

“His proven techniques for training had an immediate impact on our players, allowing them to play at a more consistent level even after just two days,” Girls’ Varisty Coach Jen Chandler notes. “We had an exciting match against Hotchkiss, a team that, on paper, was stronger than us. Moving forward, we will continue to incorporate all of his points of emphasis into both our practices and match game plans.”

It was an opportunity not lost on one of the Coach’s biggest fans, son Marwan.

“I thought it was a really great experience for the team. I felt like everyone really appreciated and took advantage of the opportunity to learn from him.”

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