Taft Converts Entire Football Roster to Top-Ranked VICIS ZERO1 Helmets
Taft Converts Entire Football Roster to Top-Ranked VICIS ZERO1 Helmets
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Beginning this fall, Taft will equip its entire football roster with the VICIS ZERO1 helmet. The ZERO1 has the highest 5 STAR performance rating in the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings, and Taft, winner of the 2018 New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) Todd Marble Bowl Championship, will become the first boarding school in the NEPSAC conference to convert its entire roster to the top-rated helmet.

With more than a century of tradition, Taft Football is one of the most historic programs in New England. Taft's decision to convert its entire team to the ZERO1 is the latest example of a growing commitment from high schools around the country to protect student-athletes with the most technologically advanced equipment. More than 1,200 high school programs and 150 professional and college teams have made the switch to the ZERO1.

Originally introduced in 2017 to NFL and NCAA teams, the ZERO1 features a deformable outer shell and a unique columnar layer designed to slow impact forces while enhancing players' performance.

"This is one more way we can ensure our students are protected while playing the game they love," said Tyler Whitley, head coach of the varsity football team. "The ZERO1 is the most highly engineered helmet available, and I'm excited to see our players in it next season."

"Taft has shown great leadership through its commitment to player safety," said Dave Marver, VICIS CEO and co-founder. "We are proud to help Coach Whitley and the Taft football program protect their athletes as they chase another championship."