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Hopkins School
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Hopkins School
Win 6-2
Girls’ JV Tennis defeats Hopkins 6-2 What a way to conclude a perfect season! With hopes of “keeping the steak alive”, the girls JV tennis team played their toughest match of the season today! Especially at the top of the ladder, Hopkins’ team is strong, deep and competitive (and mostly freshman). The Rhinos had to play their A game and battle the heat and wicked pollen. Unfortunately Paula could not play today due to her ankle injury from last week. Taft won two of the four singles matches and all of the doubles. In the singles and doubles, any match could have gone either way. Abby played terrific tennis at #1 and adjusted nicely to her opponents blistering forehand but lost in a tight well fought match. Addie played some of her best tennis of the season, endured long challenging points, adjusted her game when and where necessary and should be very proud of her close win. Sophie came off the court half way through her match frustrated with her game. However, she was able to process that frustration, refocus and play some of her best tennis in the second half of the match. While she lost a close one, she has every reason to feel great about her performance today. Elvira played #4 singles and quickly found herself down 2-5, distracted by the heat and long exhausting points. She was able to settle down, worry about one point at a time and fight her way back to a 9-7 victory. The doubles matches were close as well and all four teams had to work hard for their victories. Anna and Julia at #1 battled a close match all the way through. Their communication and court coverage was impressive. At #2 Michelle and Lucy were in control from the start but as the match worn on the heat started to get to them. Fortunately they stayed focused and played very consistent tennis. Perry and Nina also played a very close back and forth match. Their opponents were determined and not about to give up. Perry and Nina did not let their mistakes get them down and actually got stronger in the last few games. Last but not least, the Marion and Stallard played flawless tennis today, have worked well as a team all season and won pretty efficiently at #4 doubles. Thank you to this wonderful group of 13 girls. They have all made it a very fun and enjoyable season. The respect and support you have shown each other and your opponents through out the season has been incredible. You are a fun, enthusiastic and hard working group who clearly love tennis and competing. Each and everyone contributed significantly to our UNDEFEATED SEASON! CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS! Singles: #1 Abby L 4-8 #2 Addie W 8-6 #3 Sophie L 4-8 #4 Elvira W 8-6 Doubles: #1 Anna and Julia W 8-6 #2 Michelle and Lucy W 8-6 #3 Nina and Perry W 8-6 #4 Stallard and Marion W 8-2 Season record 11-0. It doesn’t get much better than this. Thank you for a memorable season.