Tennis - Girls' Varsity
Hopkins School
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Hopkins School
Loss 0-9
The Rhinos traveled to Hopkins School today for their final match of the season. The weather turned the knob to "hot" again today but the ladies played hard. Hopkins was the better team today, showing why they won the Class B New England's taking the match 9-0. The doubles teams all had close matches but could not come up with the winning stroke in the many deuce games. #1 Lily Turner and Maddie Meister lost 0-8. #2 Minna Holleck and Fran Hough lost 3-8. #3 Kira Siebrecht and Leigh Root lost 1-8. The only win of the day came from the exhibition doubles team of Janse Schoonmaker and Nico Gusac. A back and forth match, the ladies took this at 8-6. In singles, Taft had good games and were leading in the first sets at #2 and #4 but the ladies were unable to have any sets go their way today. #1 Lily Turner lost 0-6,3-6. #2 Regan Brewer lost 4-6, 3-6. #3 was an injury default. #4 Macy Toppan lost 0-6,1-6. #5 Kira Siebrecht lost 4-6,1-6. #6 Maddie Meister lost 4-6,0-6. Exhibition singles Leigh Root was tied 7-7 when she needed to default for an injury. The Rhinos should be proud of their winning record, their hard work this season and their tremendous team camaraderie! They have been a true pleasure to coach! Thank you to all of the parents for your support throughout!