Squash - Girls' JV
Choate Rosemary Hall
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Choate Rosemary Hall
Win 7-0
The JV ladies had a banner day at Choate, winning all 10 of the matches played! Julissa Mota (#1), Lulu Brauer (#2), Maddy Meister (#3), Whitney Bartol (#5), Sadie Kargman (#7) all won their matches in 3-0. Julissa was the clear winner against Choate's #1 in games that went 11-2, 11-1, 11-1. Lulu Brauer won her first two matches easily, but pushed through a nail biter to close the deal with a 14-12 game. Whitney Bartol gave a strong performance in her new #5 slot. Sadie dominated the court with her powerful shots. Choate's captain gave Maddy a good challenge in their second game, but Maddy still emerged victorious. Lucy Rand (#4) and Katie Salnikoff (#6) went 3-1. Lucy Rand's opponent had a come-from-behind streak to win 12-10 in the first game, but Lucy changed her strategy and won the next three games. Katie dropped her third match, but rallied to seal the deal in the fourth. Cierra Oulette (#8) easily beat Choate's #8 in her exhibition match. Sophia Sheumack (#9) played two exhibition matches against Choate's #9 (3-0) and a best-of-three against their #10 (2-0), including a game in which no points were scored against her! The JV team looks forward to continuing its season in 2019 against Deerfield!